Lease Telecom strikes deal with Vodafone

Smartphone financing specialists Lease Telecom have joined forces with Vodafone to offer exclusive hardware financing solutions for Partners migrating to the network’s revenue-share commission model.

Through the agreement, Partners will be armed with multiple finance options including a unique facility to spread the cost of smartphone purchases by taking on the finance themselves.

Each lease taken on by the Partner will be guaranteed by Vodafone, thus enabling a market-low rate of interest and credit lines not accessible through traditional banking routes.

The arrangement between Vodafone and Lease Telecom will overcome cash-flow concerns and give Partners a plethora of options to make day-to-day handset funding a non-issue.

“This truly unique and exciting proposition offers the best of both worlds”, says Simon Fabb, Director at Lease Telecom. “Ongoing commission from the network plus affordable finance on smartphones. We are delighted to be working with Vodafone on this market-first initiative.”

Partners will manage finance requests via an online leasing portal, with options to draw down on Vodafone Guaranteed funding or to quote lease pricing to their customers directly.

30 Vodafone Partners have already joined the programme.