AV as a Service – Re-picture technology purchase and ownership

AV as-a-Service (AVaaS) is a business technology subscription that bundles the AV hardware your customers requires along with the ongoing services you provide. It’s a more adaptable and scalable approach to technology deployment and gives customers greater flexibility over purchasing audio visual equipment upfront.

Traditional purchase pathways that begin and/or end with technology ownership can bind end-user organisations to technology that they can’t upgrade or modify if it becomes obsolete or their needs change.

How Does it Work?

Organisations outlaying large sums of capital expenditure to purchase AV technology equipment is not the most cost-effective business choice. Innovation and technology is rapidly progressing and advancing, setting a demand for access and use versus ultimate ownership.

Instead of a large upfront investment in expensive AV hardware, suppliers can offer the AVaaS solution to customers over flexible, predictable and low monthly payments.

Many businesses are changing to an AVaaS model, which enables them to keep technology cutting-edge and reliable with automatic upgrades occurring every 3 to 5 years. As well as the equipment itself, paying for ongoing AV services and support on a subscription basis gives their capital the chance to be invested in activities that deliver better RoI (eg. Marketing, R&D, Customer Service).

The Covid-19 Effect – An opportunity for AV industry

Covid-19 has put pressure on budgets while also transforming the needs of many organisations, calling for a technology infrastructure that provides flexibility and agility to support the new working modes – at home or hybrid.

Vendors can use the AVaaS to better manage their customers and equipment, allowing them to introduce new subscription-based business models and fully exploit the potential of their connected products. Cloud solutions are also a tool for vendors to strengthen their relationships with the end user and create greater entanglement.

AVaaS is surprisingly straight-forward to implement and can have little impact on your existing sales processes. Leveraging third-party services such as Lease Group can make deploying AVaas to your customer based fast and with little learning curve. It pays to consider proven providers who already deliver as-a-service pricing structures at scale.

Are you an Audio Visual Equipment Supplier?

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