Apple lines up three 5G compatible iPhones for release in 2020

Apple is currently the third biggest supplier of smartphone handsets to the international market, but has fallen far behind in the race to release a 5G compatible handset
US tech giant Apple is reportedly mulling the idea of releasing three 5G compatible iPhones next year, according to reports in the press.

A report in the Tech Times suggested that 2020 could be the year that Apple finally gets its 5G act together.

Apple has seen its share of the global smartphone handset market shrink over successive quarters, as rivals Huawei and Samsung continue to dominate.

Apple has been decidedly late to the 5G party with Huawei (Mate X and Nova 5) and Samsung (Galaxy 10 5G) both getting 5G handsets into the market eons before Apple.

Apple has had to battle through a protracted legal spat with its chief chipset supplier, Qualcomm, over a series of intellectual property disputes.

Whilst that case has now been settled, the ordeal has clearly set Apple back in its ability to plan for and release a 5G compatible iPhone.

In an effort to get itself back on track, Apple is said to be interested in manufacturing its own chipsets for future iterations of the iPhone, and is believed to be interested in acquiring the chip producing arm of Intel to facilitate this.

The Tech Times report cites industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo as saying that all three iPhone’s scheduled to be released by Apple in 2020 would be 5G compatible.

Kuo said that the 2020 releases would likely support sub-6GHz version of 5G, rather than the faster, more comprehensive millimetre wave iteration.